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Faith Through Art Estonia

Over the years observing my missionary parents I learned that when people are introduced to the gospel they have pre-established walls to hide behind. However, while studying contemporary art I found that through art people are more open as art has a unique ability to make each one of us find something within us that makes us want to open up. Art can also be a way to heal and I believe that so many of us fight the truth because of the hurt we internally.

Sometimes, it is easy to feel held back when trying to create art. With self-expression, you can forget about the rules. This is about creating something which is a reflection of you, not following guidelines to reach technical perfection. Let your emotions guide how you create art. This is the art that should mean something to you, without fear of what others think. You don’t have to rely on pre-existing symbolism.  It is possible to learn many things about yourself through your art. Self-expressive art helps you figure out yourself, and even find new depths to your thinking you might not have realized were there. Be brave, and dig deep. You will learn much about your thoughts. You will have the opportunity to visualize what faith means to you by visualizing it.

Expressing with art

Through sharing our art we can encourage others to create art.

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I want to share with the world the art that we create and the stories that come with them.


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