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Art can surprise us in many ways.

After I drew this picture, I noticed that all that day and the day after I was meditating on the Bible verse. In the evening I was talking to my sister who is facing major surgery. So I decided to send the picture to her to encourage her that she is going to rise up with new strength. In the picture, she saw things that related to her personally, which I didn't think about, since I was not drawing particularly to her. I think it is neat that the Holy Spirit can work in our minds, and what we say or create does encourage someone else. We also talked about how we need to see the prophetic gift in a much wider media, not just words. She had encouraged an artist that afternoon to use his gift of art as a prophetic voice. So, let's keep drawing these pictures.





Tallinn , Estonia

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Ever since I was a child I knew that I wanted to be a missionary and that God had a plan for me. Growing up in the mission field made me realize that I get the most happiness from helping others.